A Narrative Poem on Selective Mutism

A demon shut her mouth; she was afraid to speak.

She didn’t realize she couldn’t because a demon shut

her up. She cried her eyes out. Growled like a dog and

clenched her fist,

because she could not get her words out. She hated

everyone, especially Momma and Daddy; in her

thoughts, she spoke loudly: β€œWhy is no one is helping

me?” She felt helpless and cried herself to sleep. She

muttered a prayer and said, β€œFather God, please help

me; I am becoming truly angry.” That moment he gave

her a pen; that…

I vowed to get in the ring, wanted to be the people’s

champ, you know what I mean. I’ll fight for my

dreams; I had a little fight in me.

Internal pain motivated me, trained hard as I could six days a week.

I refused to be beaten, banged on the heavy bag,

thought about all my pain. Channeled my anger as I

trained, increased confidence I gained. Dedicated

myself in the gym like it was my sanctuary. As I

refrained from the streets, I changed my old ways,

and learned not to gang bang. GD was what I


A poem of how a young teen was swindled by those he trusted.

They took their best shot at me! Wished to leave me exhausted. It disheartened me when I thought they cared for me, but truly their plan was to sabotage me. I was left empty-handed, and I was nothing but a collection to them. They beguiled me and pointed their fingers at me. The hand they dealt me had not one spade. They set the deck and gave me counterfeit praise. I was a sheep without a shepherd, lost, and robbed of my virtue. I challenged my sincerity…


Living in a challenging world can sometimes cause others to feel forgotten. I believe showing random acts of kindness can bring happiness and joy. I think that if you do something beautiful for someone, a relative, or non-relative, there are benefits to showing kindness. Small things can make a significant difference in someone else’s life. For example, holding the door for someone who is handicapped or may have their hands full β€” or smiling at someone who is having a rough day. These kinds of gestures can remind an individual that someone cares and may uplift them. …

A narrative poem of a former Police Officer who reviles the tragedy she experienced while working as a police officer…

The first day I made an impression; then came

interrogation. Millions of questions from more than

one race. I was the victim of separation and hate; it is

true β€” misery does love company. Hear the questions

they asked me. β€œWhy do you want to be a police


β€œWhy do you ask?” I replied. β€œIs it because I’m

female?” Sexism and racism, I experienced the first

week. I know it’s rare for women to want to be the


A poem to my father

Father God as I pray to you and pour out my heart on this tablet. Please hear the cry of your child. I know you can hear my heart beat because you shaped me and chose me. Father help me do you remember me. I’ve been praying to you since I was three. I’m having a heart attack struggling to keep this heart intact. All I want to do is make you proud! But why does it appear as if you have forsaken me? I have faith in you! The question is do you believe…

The story of a young woman who conquered Selective Mutism

Inspiring Memoir

In this memoir, the author shares a story on how she developed, selective mutism due to childhood trauma, and mental illness. She does this uniquely and creatively which she captures the readers’ attention with a thought-provoking hook. Each poem tells a specific story using free verse, narrative, and other poetic styles. Raw, uncut, and relatable in these turbulent times, the ongoing theme of the work is redemption and transformation.

Sneak peeks into the story…


β€œHas anyone ever touched you?” Auntie asked me

while sitting in the back seat. β€œAhem.”…


𝔸𝕦π•₯𝕙𝕠𝕣 ,𝕄𝕠π•₯π•šπ•§π•’π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿπ•’π• π•Šπ•‘π•–π•’π•œπ•–π•£, 𝔸𝕦π•₯π•™π•–π•Ÿπ•₯π•šπ•”π•₯π•ͺ ℂ𝕠𝕒𝕔𝕙, π”½π•£π•–π•–π•π•’π•Ÿπ•”π•–π•£β€¦

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